Day #1

Over the past few years, I have had several people make the same comment to me about my life: YOU NEED YOUR OWN REALITY TV SHOW. ¬†Personally, I am not a huge fan of reality TV, unless you count me having KUWTK marathon on in the background if I’m not watching Grey’s. I am, however, a fan of reading random so-called “mommy blogs” that pop up in my newsfeed on Facebook. Most of the time when I finish reading these brutally honest and oftentimes hilarious pieces of writing, I think to myself, “Wow, I SO could have written that myself!” So here I am. Not quite reality TV, but perhaps a glimpse into my crazy, nonstop, mom-struggling world.

Here’s a little background about myself:

I’m a Mom

I am a mother of two boys. Tanner is one, or twenty one months, or however many weeks some of you moms say. He doesn’t really talk yet, and is currently eating blueberries off of the kitchen floor. Either way, he’s being quiet for a minute. Gavin is four and a half and has his last day of preschool tomorrow before a two week break. After that, he starts a summer program (yay!). Gavin has autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder. I am sure in future posts I will have lots to say on the topic of special needs parenting. Those boys are amazing. Sometimes they are assholes. But hey, aren’t all kids??

I am Jim’s Wife


This is our wedding picture. We flew out to Vegas when I was super pregnant with Gavin and eloped in a wedding chapel that was attached to a Howard Johnson’s. Jim wore white socks with a hole in the ankle. True story.

I’m a Registered Nurse

I have been an RN at a small, local hospital for nine years. I worked as a unit secretary and care attendant for two years prior to that at the local urgent care. I work part-time. I also call this “adult time” or “mom break.” Sometimes, they even assign me as the unit’s Charge RN. Sounds crazy, right?

I have a Big Family and a Small Circle of Friends

I guess you could even say my friends are an extension of my family. My family is basically a hot mess and we are taking our very big first family vacation in September with all twenty of us, or however many of us there are. We are renting a beach house in the Outerbanks and survey says that it is going to be a shitshow.

I am not a Perfect Mom

I don’t get enough sleep because I stay up late after the kids go to bed so I can enjoy my wine and peace and quiet. I drink way too much coffee because I stay up late and then get way too excited and have palpitations. I feed my kids Happy Meals, use the TV as a babysitter sometimes, and even (gasp!) take medication to help me not give a fuck. I have a bad mouth, but I’m working on it, especially now that Gavin finally talks.

Care to hear more???? To be continued…


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