Marry the Nerd

My husband is funny and smart. Not only that, but he is super tech-savvy and also quite handy. He is also a pretty good dad. Basically, I hit the fucking mackdaddy-motherload when I married him.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he is isn’t all sunshine and puppy dogs. As stubborn and yet as awesome as my husband may be, there are still some things he cannot do. He cannot change a poopy diaper without gagging or throwing up in his mouth. Even after two kids and the neverending poop, he just cannot.  And those super awesome pimple/abscess popping videos? That’s a hard no for Jim. Now that I am thinking of it, I would love to watch him watch the two girls/one cup video. Being a nurse, I can totally wipe ass with one hand and eat a sandwich with the other. Not Jim though. Scary movies are a no. Long walks on the beach while holding hands will pretty much always be a no.

In return, what would be considered a “no” for me, is his “yes.” Life is about balance. Without that balance, things just don’t work. Following this logic, my husband and I are a perfect match.

My husband is the genius IT guy for the company that he works for. Basically what this means for me is that all of the electronics in our house are pimped out with neat little tricks and short cuts and customized to our heart’s desire. He makes Netflix look like child’s play in comparison to what he has conjured up for our family’s entertainment.  In addition to this, he can fix retty much everything around the house. He certainly seems to be more capable of appliance repairs than the service technicians that have been sent out to our house. Granted, while he was in the air force he worked as an electrician, so just add that to the mix. Jim can even fix our cars. More often than not, when he is asked what he does, the pretty standard response is “I fix things.”

If you were to ever take a little peek downstairs into Jim’s “area of the house,” you may happen to notice a little something about my husband: he enjoys video games. Jim is also insisting that I stick his twitch link in this very blog. There honey, now you cannot say that I don’t support the cause.

Part of Jim’s game room

Jim has introduced our older son, Gavin, to the wonderful world of video games. Gavin is four years old and lives and breathes all things Super Mario related. And he’s good. Really freaking good for a four-year old.  Then there is Tanner. We don’t really know if he is going to be technologically or mechanically inclined like his older brother, but he sure has the sweet, smart, and stinker (shit) personality that his daddy has.

So I married the nerd. And then we made little nerd babies. We’re a bunch of nerds.

Welcome to the Dark Side.





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